Transmedia Journal Entry #6

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 5.55.22 PM

In 1896, American prospector George Carmack made took credit for a discovery on Rabbit Creek that led to the famous Klondike Gold Rush and 120 years later the Yukon is still the metaphorical Cracker Jack box being pulled apart for the prize inside. Finding gold and striking it rich was the North American Dream before there were houses with white picket fences and for some that has never changed. Just as Rabbit Creek was quickly renamed Bonanza in the annals of history, the Klondike Gold Rush has now been renamed Yukon Gold by the History Channel.

With the program entering its fifth season, the miners are still doing everything they can to dig down with the surprising hit show going no where but up. Recently being picked up by the American National Geographic channel, the program has been increasing its online presence to keep up with the growing demand of audiences on both sides of the border. Along with sub-sites on the History and National Geographic, the show has been upping its social media game as well. With active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google + to keep with the original demographics use, the show has seen an increase of younger skewing viewers. The sub-sites provide full episodes of the program and background on the miners followed by the show as well as behind the scenes content. A new instagram account was created as recently as April 15th to reach the new younger demographic sharing pictures of the miners with quotes or just pictures of gold with facts about the industry itself. All social media accounts have a united hashtag “#YukonGold” while constantly linking to their various accounts from one another.

Although the program plays as a reality show it has classified itself as a Documentary Series and has been receiving CMF funding under the Documentary genre since season one.



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