Transmedia Journal Entry #4

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 3.37.44 PM

The year was 1995. The month was April. The first anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s murder suicide had just passed, TLC was just about to start telling people not to chase waterfalls, and Joel Schumacher was in production on Batman Forever and decided that George Clooney’s Batman suit should have nipples and confused us all. This was also approximately the time that the first ever Halifax Comedy Festival was held in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Fast-forward to today, the annual event is one of the longest running comedy festivals in Canada and one of three festivals that regularly gets national television broadcasts on CBC. The festival primarily highlights local and Canadian comedians with a few guest performers during a weekend of shows across several venues in Halifax while being filmed for national TV and more recently digital audiences. Although TV audiences only get access to the material from the Halifax Comedy Festival when it is aired on CBC, everything is available online through CBC blogs and various social media outlets.

The festival has a Twitter and Facebook page that regularly keeps fans updated about the live shows and performing comedians as well as linking videos of past performances on their YouTube channel and CBC sub-sites. The festival also utilizes the hashtag “#HFXComedyFest” to tweet pictures and short Twitter videos of comedians to keep fans entertained with their content.



For a festival that happens and airs for a short period only once a year, they have been able to keep fans informed and entertained through digital content all year long. With the added digital strategy the festival’s content can be accessed through multiple mediums and helps an event held in Halifax, Nova Scotia reach the entire world.



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