Transmedia Journal Entry #3

I’m not saying that being introduced to Reggae at the age of 4 started me on my path towards years of “Natural Self Medication” but it’s starting to make a lot of sense now knowing that Ziggy Marley performed the intro to my favourite show growing up, Arthur.

One of my fellow presenters chose to focus on Arthur and managed to make me nostalgic and long for a time before I was fully potty trained. Although the project was to pitch a new Transmedia strategy for a CMF funded show, it would be incredibly impressive for anyone to improve on what Arthur has already achieved. The show’s website is considered by many as one of the best children’s websites out there. It has been ranked in the Top 1000 Websites in various categories including but not limited to New Games, Kids Games, Children’s Education, and Children’s Websites.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 1.33.18 PM
Doesn’t this take you back to when we needed “Parent’s Permission” to do ANYTHING online?

Aside from the multitude of online games offered on the Arthur website, back during the show’s peak popularity in the late 90’s/early 00’s the show had legitimate video games released on major gaming platforms such as PC, Game Boy Colour, and Playstation.

With Arthur recently being renewed in 2015 for new episodes, it’s incredible that the broadcaster has actually managed to keep up with the demand and ever changing online landscape in terms of producing engaging digital content for a cartoon kids show that hit the air when the general public was still using Dial-Up. Being a PBS program, Arthur has lived all these years continuing to gain steam through the magic of constant reruns. The show has an “App”, New games updated regularly, New online content, and very simple “Kid Friendly” interfaces. The show is also appealing to older audiences. Whether it is simple nostalgia in those of us that watched the show as a child starting to have children ourselves or the guest star voices of known celebrities driving the parents crazy all episode trying to place the voice.

I’m just happy that a quality children’s program is coming back to Television so that 4 year olds today don’t end up on MTV in 12 years on 16 & Pregnant.



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