Transmedia Journal Entry #2

I do not think there is a single thing that Eugene Levi and Catherine O’Hara could do that I would not watch. Levi and O’Hara are easily the most iconic Canadian “On-Screen Couple” just narrowly beating out the overly creepy Husband and Wife from those old Canadian Tire commercials. With the pair once again reunited on a CBC program, it’s the most Canadian television I’ve seen since I poured maple syrup on my screen during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 11.55.21 AM
Screenshot of the Schitt’s Creek website header. Courtesy CBC and CMD-SHIFT-4 on Mac.

Schitt’s Creek is a CMF funded program in the Drama (Comedy) sub-genre. In terms of Transmedia and Social Media/Fan Interaction the program has a very basic online infrastructure. Schitt’s Creek‘s website is a simple sub-site off of the CBC that contains links to their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ sites as well as the hashtag “#SchittsCreek” that fans can use across the platforms to connect with other fans of the show. The site contains information on the Cast, Characters, Show Updates, and Full Episodes available for streaming online within a week of original airing. In order to secure their CMF Funding the site also contains a number of online-exclusive Webisodes as well as Behind The Scenes videos that help expand the show’s universe.

In terms of audience demographic the program’s Social Media accounts is telling compared to other CBC programs in the same genre. While most CBC programs that are geared towards those in the 25-59 Year Old range only have three basic Social Media accounts in Twitter, Facebook, and Google+; Schitt’s Creek has a fourth account suggesting a younger demographic target. With a former MTV personality in Dan Levi as a primary cast member, the 18-25 Year Old demographic that may be drawn by their teen nostalgia is being catered to with the addition of an Instagram account.

Although Schitt’s Creek Transmedia campaign is very basic, it is effective in keeping their target demographics engaged without feeling overwhelmed if they are not Social Media savvy.

Schitt’s Creek Season 2 is currently on CBC Tuesday nights at 9 PM EST/9:30 NT


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